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H.E.R. Refuge was founded by Lynsey Rye, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Michigan.  Through her work with female adolescents in various capacities over the past 19 years, Lynsey identified the need for a safe place where hurting girls could come and receive healing, empowerment, and restoration through Jesus Christ.  Based on her professional experience, she knew that for some girls outpatient counseling was simply not enough.  After consulting with other mental health professionals and organizations, Lynsey found that a long-term residential treatment program was necessary for those in need of more intensive treatment.  In 2015, Lynsey founded H.E.R. Refuge and formed the Board of Directors.  Since then, they have been working together to make this dream become a reality.  Learn how you can help.

Healing, empowering, and restoring lives.

Lynsey Rye, Founder
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